Our expert technicians will diagnose any mechanical problem that your vehicle might have. Don't worry, we are transparent and fair. We will discuss all found issues before proceeding with the repairs. At MEK Auto Services, Inc. we can fix it, you can trust us. Yes we can.


MEK Auto Services, Inc. offers a variety of car maintenance and repairs services. We perform car diagnostics,  tuning and brakes, oil changes, wheels and suspensions, engine repair, air condition, and body work. Because your time is valuable, we make sure to offer quality services within quality time. 




Electrical problems can sometimes get very tricky. We bring in over 20 years of experience after working for top automobile companies. As always, our work is trustworthy and our services are reputable. At MEK Auto Services, Inc., we do it because we love cars. You come to us because you love your car. At the end of the day, your car wins. 



Without bragging, engine work is our specialty. We have many clients who have driven from other states to have their engines repaired by us. We even have many customers who gave up on repairing their cars who come to us for miracle work. And yes, we deliver quality and sustainable work when it is humanly possible. Our work speaks for itself, come see it for yourself. Come to MEK Auto Services, Inc.



The clutch connects to your engine via the engine's flywheel. When there is no pressure on the clutch pedal, you have transmission issues. If you intend to replace your own clutch, you’ll need to remove the drive shaft and disassemble the transmission to get to it. On many models of car, supporting the engine with a hoist may be required. Save yourself some time and headache, come to MEK Auto Services, Inc. for expert work. We won't disappoint you.



At MEK Auto Services Inc., we will check your drum brakes, your disc brakes, your calipers and rotors, your shoes and pads, on all car models. We will also inspect your discs for damage. In addition, we will check to see if the rubber lines in your car are still pliable and soft. Finally, we will check the hard metal brake lines for corrosion and cracking. Don't hesitate, make the call today. Come to MEK Auto Services, Inc.

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