At MEK Auto Services Inc., we will check your drum brakes, your disc brakes, your calipers and rotors, your shoes and pads, on all car models.



What’s included with our brake service?


At MEK Auto Services, Inc., we will inspect your discs for damage. We will also check to see if the rubber lines are still pliable and soft. Finally, we will check the hard metal brake lines for corrosion and cracking.



Go all out with an expert oil change at MEK Auto Services, Inc. We keep your car running while helping to deliver maximum protection against heat, deposits, and wear.


What’s included with our oil change?

At MEK Auto Services, Inc., we carefully replace your vehicle’s oil, top off all other fluids, replace your oil filter, and inspect your engine for leaks.


At MEK Auto Services, Inc., we replace your vehicle’s shocks or struts when needed and/or requested. Whether your car or truck has shock absorbers or a strut-based system, we will diagnose and repair any problem and get you going safely and effectively.

What’s included with our tire change?

At MEK Auto Services,, Inc., we will insure

proper wheel alignment so that your tires can last longer. This will help improve your gas mileage while providing safer handling. 

MEK Auto Services, Inc. offers a variety of car maintenance and repairs services. We perform car diagnostics,  tuning and brakes, oil changes, wheels and suspensions, engine repair, air condition, and body work. Because your time is valuable, we make sure to offer quality services within quality time. 

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